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March 2016

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Muggles' Shrinking Potterverse

One of the few remaining places I went to for harrypotterish discussions was Harry's Request; but as discussions there have moved away from HP today I said "Good Bye" (although there are nice people there!)

(LL's "Obscurus Books" doesn't feature many discussions I'd love to take part in these days either, and even the 17th incarnation of a thread which IMO might have done without that many incarnations seems to have gone somewhat stale ... .)

What you get via HPANA's Daily Prophet is mainly about the author, the films, the actors, etc., but not about the content, meta-content, style, etc. of the books.

But Viola Owlfeather (Cornelia Rémi's) great Harry Potter Bibliography remains alife ([last updated 2008-10-10] and I probably should try to read: Regazzoni, Simone: Harry Potter e la filosofia. Fenomenologia di un mito pop. Genova: Il melangolo, 2008).

But, I guess: whosoever now writes on HP should probably think twice whether to write for those who know the HP books more or less by heart (up to a few months ago: most probably the most probable readers for many a text on HP) or for people who just heard about the books or read them once or twice, or for a public for whom the HP books are as present - or not - as e.g. Lindgren's Karlsson på taket. In such a case: illustrations from HP would have to be treated as any other literature used for illustration.
Writing about a philosophical subject for the sake of the subject, and using examples from HP; not using examples from HP to write about a philosophical subject.
Both approaches of course are o.k.. But I had fun using examples from HP to teach about a philosophical subjects. And I doubt whether I'll have the chance to do so again sometime in the foreseeable future ... .


Hey, I did post a HP comment a couple of days ago, mostly about the mythos surrounding JKR. One of my kids teachers thought that JKR had not gone to university. My comment was that most writers have a degree with two notable exceptions. She thought JKR; which is incorrect. I was thinking Shakespeare and Dickens. Funny that she thought JKR was notable. Time has not proved that yet.
Thanks for your comment!

Funny that she thought JKR was notable. Time has not proved that yet.

Well, if you take into account the number of copies sold, the amount of secondary literature written within a few years, etc.: I'd say that even if future generations might like the HP books far less than I (still do), even if future generations might not read the HP books at all: JKR and her books still would have a notable place in late 20th and early 21st century intellectual history ... .
I see no reason not to consider her a "notable author".

LOL I know books don't usually turn out to be cabbage patch dolls or beanie babies but there are authors like Jacqueline Susan and that one that wrote Princess Daisy (can't remember her name). Time will tell if the books retain their freshness but what I found more interesting was the mythos that surrounds the creative process. i.e. that you have to be a poor starving artist living in a garret. Or that the inspiration happens never mind the years of research and hard work that she put into the story. You know the idea that we could all do what she did; all we need is the right idea. But she had education and training, she worked at her writing every day and did tons of research. It was not totally the Cinderella story that the marketing juggernaut makes it out to be.
Yes, quite a number of people have found out that just going to a coffee shop to write on a napkin not always results in affluence and worldwide fame ... :-) ... .
And you'd have to spend a fortune on coffee to justify taking up a table for that long - the library would be cheaper and more convenient for the tons of research needed (but no coffee :))

HR transformed

The Harry's Request forum has by now "officially" been transformed into a non-HP focussed forum.

Re: HR transformed

Well, we'd practically ceased discussing HP for quite a few months, so change was inevitable. The HP threads are still there, to be revived if anyone has anything to say, but I think the bulk of the discussion happened post HBP. Post DH, there wasn't nearly so much to discuss, plus many of us (most??)revised our opinion of the books and were no longer interested in analysing them.