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March 2016

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One expert's resignation

As public interest in the HP-books has considerably waned, and as a publication of JKR's Scottish Encyclopaedia seems not exactly imminent for one of the next days, and as I'm no expert concerning the HP-films (no Disney, nor Lego, etc.): a few minutes ago I resigned from my university's HP experts group (and the resignation already got accepted [:-)] ).


I noticed that you mentioned this a few weeks ago on Facebook, but I didn't quite understand it. Was this group just interested in talking about the upcoming movies instead of the books?

Will you join them again when (and if) the Scottish Book appears?
This is one of the many experts' groups we have here. Their members act as a liaison to the press and to the public concerning the subject of the group in question (in this case: "Harry Potter"). There can be common activities, but they are rare. The LMU experts' groups infrastructure serves to provide the public (and especially the press) with a finding aid for LMU scholars who might be willing to to voice opinions, give interviews, provide help, etc. concerning the topic in question. They document that part of the LMU scholars (pretend to) work on topics which are of some more general interest, perhaps even something "useful" for the tax payers.

Yes, in case of an imminent (or real) publication of the Scottish Book: I'd join again.
Ah ~ thanks for explaining that! I understand now why you quit the group at this time.