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March 2016

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Shakespeare more parsimonious than the Harry Potter books

In Fretful Porpentine's 2010-02-03 entry on preparations for Misnomer U.'s first Shakespeare production you can read:

They also wanted to know whether fairies were nocturnal, whether it was appropriate for Oberon to put on a special cloak when he was meant to be invisible, and whether Snout's "By'r lakin, a parlous fear" meant that he was Irish. (I think the answers to those questions are "Sorta," "No," and "Sure, but a Resurrection Stone and an Elder Wand would probably be overkill," not necessarily in that order -- but I cannot swear to it.)

Yes, Renaissance studies will always be a safe haven for HP studies ... [:-)] ... . (And/or vice versa?)


I just read the post you mentioned. It was pretty funny.
I'm delighted that you liked it. Yes, FP's inclination towards humour is often delicious. And she is one of the best writers about academic teaching I've ever read.
I used to have this site bookmarked, I guess it must have been through your linking to it. Since I have been using Chrome I didn't transfer it, I guess.

I have been involved in several school productions of Midsummer Night's Dream and think it is my favorite. The first set I painted was for this show and it is still one of my best, IMHO anyway. I do think she is wise to tolerate the absence of the theatre majors from class, there is nothing like a good performance to to awaken interest in Shakespeare.