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March 2016

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Social network changes

I will most probably delete my account on facebook some time next week (Reason one: I have limited time, and the noise to signal ratio here is far worse than on the other social networks I'm using. (That's obviously true for me only: person A's signal may very well be person B's noise, and vice versa.) || Reason two: Facebook's interface changes and reactions to privacy concerns are not to my liking. || Yes, I could just stop to be active there. But I prefer clear cuts.)

I have somewhat reduced my activities on twitter in favour of activities on G+ (See http://www.phil-hum-ren.uni-muenchen.de/php/Kuhn/hcktw.htm on how I use twitter.)

I am now mainly active on G+/googleplus/google plus/google+ (The link goes to my profile there.) On G+ most of the items I post there go to selected circles only. But chances are good for most of the people reading this here that you either are already in at least one of my circles there, or that you can get there. At http://www.phil-hum-ren.uni-muenchen.de/php/Kuhn/hckGP.htm You can get information on how I use G+.
Our <b>institute</b> is also present on G+ (at https://plus.google.com/111617863690763998480/ : "encircle" it there and it will most probably "encircle" you back.)

I am present on diaspora, with the "handle" hck@joindiaspora.com . No, I don't use it exactly heavily.

I left academia.edu some time ago.

Web4Ren Forum (W4RF) is and remains my main "outlet" for items/information related to renaissance intellectual history/renaissance philosophy.

My presence here on Life Journal/LJ: remains as it was: For use for sporadic blog entry like posts, mainly on academic politics etc..


Thanks for the update! I often wonder what everyone is doing, but my own Facebook is neglected, and often I only check my daughter's page to see what she is doing at Law School. I don't mean to be so aloof, but I also find Facebook irritating sometimes, and I've got notifications turned off so my email won't fill up. So it's often easier to message me here rather than there, or you can always post on an LJ entry to get my attention.